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OR Rule and Regulations revisions 2024


Rules and Regulations of the Rossallian Club.

1. Name of the Club

  The Club shall be called ‘The Rossallian Club’

2. Objects of the Club

   a. The promotion and maintenance of friendships between Old Rossallians (OR’s)

   b. The organisation of functions, sports and societies (in these rules called activities) for   


   c. The furtherance generally of the interests and prosperity of Rossall School and of its past

       and present members and associated organisations

3. Officers of the Club

   Shall be as follows:

      1.   The President.

      2.   One or two Vice-Presidents

      3.   The Secretary who shall live at or near Rossall

      4.   The Treasurer who shall live at or near Rossall


The Committee of the Rossallian Club shall consist of:


      1.   The Officers of the Club (as stated above)

      2.    Past Presidents

      3.   The Head

      4.   The Branch Secretaries

      5.   The Games Secretaries (from all the games approved by the Committee)

      6.    The Decade Ambassadors

      7.   Any other Member of the Rossallian Club that the Committee deems appropriate

The above shall manage and control the affairs of the Club with powers to appoint sub-

committees and to co-opt members of the Club for specific tasks. A quorum for all meeting

purposes shall be not less than 7 members, from the above Committee. Any co-opted member is not entitled to vote at meetings of the Committee.

A Management Committee comprising of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and

at least two other Members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Committee.  The purpose of the Management Committee is to assist the Committee and to function between the meetings of the Committee. Minutes of their meetings shall be recorded and circulated to all members of the Committee.

4. Committee Meetings, AGM’s, EGM’s and Triennial

1. There shall be two Committee Meetings each year one in the Spring and one in the Autumn. Voting on all issues shall be by a simple majority through a show of hands or at the Chairman’s discretion by a secret ballot.

2. There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Club, each year, at a time and venue to be

decided upon by the Committee. Voting on all issues shall be by a simple majority through a show of hands or at the Chairman’s discretion by a secret ballot.

3. Any other business may be dealt with at an AGM with prior notice of that business being

given to the Secretary, in writing, at least 28 days prior to that meeting.

4. The Club Dinner (known as the Triennial Dinner) shall be held every three years at Rossall,

on a date to be agreed upon by the Committee.

5. In the event of a Committee Meeting, AGM or EGM being held where the

President is not present, a Vice-President shall chair the meeting. If neither the President nor

a Vice-President is present then a Chairman shall be elected by those present, to conduct

the business of that meeting, by show of hands.

6. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time, on the demand, of any 

25 Members of the Club, in writing, to the President and Secretary. The President and Secretary shall organise the meeting to take place within 28 days of the communication and ensure that members are notified of the date, venue and business of that meeting, through letter or E-mail. The business at such a meeting shall be confined to such resolutions. 50 members shall constitute a quorum. Voting on all issues shall be by a simple majority, through a show of hands, or at the Chairman’s discretion by a secret ballot.

7. All meetings may be attended either physically or by remote visual /oral means. When voting by show of hands is not practical, an alternative method shall be adopted at the Chairman’s discretion.

5. Membership

1. a. Any pupil having attended Junior, Middle or Senior School for a period of no less than 2    

        years shall be eligible for membership of the Rossallian Club. Current Rossallians shall  

        be eligible for membership during their last term at School. Their membership shall only   

        take effect from the date they leave Rossall.

    b. Members of the Common Room and Governors who are not already Rossallians shall,

        after three year’s service, be invited to become members of the Club. 

    c. Any person who has Rossall interests at heart may be eligible for membership.

2. No one shall be eligible for membership before their sixteenth Birthday.

3. All applications for membership shall require the approval of the Committee at its next meeting.   

4. Every Member shall, from time to time, communicate their contact details to the Secretary and all notices delivered or sent in accordance with those contact details shall be deemed to have been sufficiently served or given.

5. The Committee, in consultation with the relevant Branch Secretary, shall have the power to expel or call upon any Member to resign, by letter sent to their last known address. If their resignation or appeal against the decision shall not have been received within 28 days from the date of the despatch of the said letter, then such person shall cease to be a Member of the Rossallian Club and their name shall be removed from the list of members.

6. President and Vice Presidents

 1. The President and Vice-Presidents cannot serve in those positions for more than two

consecutive terms. Nominations for these positions shall be given to the Secretary    

no later than 28 days prior to the Autumn Committee Meeting.

2. If there is more than one nomination for President then the nominees shall be given the   opportunity to present their case to the Committee.  The Committee shall choose the

candidate they deem most appropriate for the position and present them to the members for ratification at the AGM in a Triennial year.

3. Likewise if there are more than 2 nominations for the position of Vice President, the same

process will apply.

4. The President and Vice Presidents shall take office during the Triennial Dinner.

5. In the event of the office of President becoming vacant during a Triennial Period then the

vacancy shall be filled by the one of the Vice Presidents, who will be elected by the    

Committee and will continue in this office until the next AGM when that person   

may be appointed to the position of President.  

6. If the President and Vice-Presidents vacate their offices then the Committee shall elect 

persons to take the offices vacated until the next AGM.

7. The Secretary and the Treasurer

1. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be appointed by the Committee.

2. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy occurring during the


8. Branches, Ambassadors and Sports

1. Branches of the Club, for local activities, may be formed at home or overseas at centres

agreed upon by the Committee, with power to appoint their own Officers and Committees, to operate their own bank accounts and to raise their own funds should they so wish.

2. The Sports Secretaries shall have the power to arrange matches under the title

‘Old Rossallian’ and make all the necessary arrangements.

3. Ambassadors will be appointed to represent, as near as practical, each decade of the Club’s membership, to actively liaise with members within that era.

4. Branch and Sports Secretaries and Ambassadors shall forward to the Secretary, prior to committee meetings, reports on their respective activities. These should be circulated to all members of the Committee, with the notice of meeting.

5. The President and Secretary of the Club shall be ex-officio members of all Branch Committees.

6. After making provision for the general purposes of the Club, the Committee may make grants each year for the purposes of Club Activities as they see fit.

9. Accounts

1. The year of Account shall be from September 1st to August 31st. The Treasurer shall

present the Accounts to the Committee at the Autumn meeting for their approval. If approved they will then be presented to members for their approval at the next AGM. If the Treasurer is not available then the President shall present the Accounts.

2. An external Examiner of Accounts shall be appointed by the Committee.

10. Amendment to the Rules and Regulations

These rules may be amended by the Committee and are subject to the approval of the membership at an AGM or EGM provided that the notice of the proposed

amendment has been forwarded by the Secretary to the membership by post or E-mail beforehand.

11. Club Colours

1. The colours of the Club shall be dark blue with narrow crimson and white stripes. An

    alternative tie shall be available to members in dark blue with the School Crest.


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